First of all I would like to express my gratitude to SBPA who gave me the opportunity to participate at the IBI-ITEP 2012-2013 program. This training is of great value for entrepreneurs of (international) start-ups, by giving the inside knowledge and valuable contacts in the context of international trade. The communication tools of the program such as linked-in, the interactive website and online videos were very efficient and always up to date and the 8 modules were complementary, specific and detailed.

As entrepreneur in a start-up, I’m handling many things at the same time (including the commercial meetings) and this course has given me the opportunity to take some distance on my daily routine and to adopt a more global approach. The course was partly a refresher of some aspects of international trade but also taught me many new things, such as the legal framework around the international trade. In summary, I thank SBPA for its grant and for this great experience with lots of added value.